Would you like to know if you can benefit from an appointment regarding your concern?


Do you have questions which I have not yet addressed or would you like to schedule an appointment with me?


Please feel free to contact me.





 If you want to schedule an appointment with me, you can do so by calling or by writing me an E-Mail, briefly describing your concern. I will contact you as soon as possible.


I run a by-appointment-only practice. This means, we will schedule binding Counseling or Therapy sessions. This means no waiting times for you- but it is also important to be punctual, since delays cannot be made up and the session is shortened accordingly.


Please note:                                                                    

If you have to cancel/postpone a session, please do so at least 24 hours in advance. If a session is schedule on monday, I ask to be contacted by the friday before, 10am. You can call and leave a message or simply write me an E-Mail. We can then re-schedule the appointment.


If a session is cancelled/postponed late, I will issue a substitution fee of 100% the price of the booked session fee.

No-shows will automatically be billed 100% .



Initial Session

 During this session I gain valuable informations and an insight to a possible cause of your problem through the information you provide me with and my diagnostic workup. I will also inform you about treatment options.


Furthermore does the session help to determine, wether or not we see the potential to work together. For a prosperous cooperation it is absolutely necessary, that we can establish  a trusting environment.


This session will not include Counselling or Therapy- it gives room for the mutual exchange of information.


If you and I agree on working together, we will schedule another appointment and beginn our regular sessions.


All sessions are confidential. Already the fact that someone comes to see me is confidential. Before any information is shared with others (i.e. your physician), I will need to receive a signed Release of Confidentiality Form from you. This even applies between Spouses, Life-partners, Parents and their kids.





Duration of Sessions

The sessions take 50 minutes, the initial session can take up to 90 minutes.


The amount and frequency of the sessions are dependent on your personal concern, situation and the therapeutic progress. The average lies between 3-10 Counselling or Therapy sessions, but can also go beyond. 


Sessions are arranged in regular intervals. Throughout our time together we will regularly evaluate the progress made, and you are able to end the sessions at any point.


Should it at any time become clear that I cannot adequately help you with your issue, I will refer you to another colleague.


My practice is wheelchair accessible!