About me

Born 1972, married since 1995, 2 adult children.


After finishing German High School with the Abitur, I went to Canada to study Theology with the main emphasis on Psychology and Sociology, and finished my studies with the Bachelor in 1997.  After returning to Germany in 2002 I was working for 12 years as a  Counselor in a diaconal institution and have also been actively working as a Psychological Counsellor for many years by now.


 In order to be able to help and support people who are in need of a Therapy, I decided upon entering further education. During that time I have learned many skills and therapy methods , my core competencies lie in (kognitiv) Behavioral and Resource-Oriented as well as Systemic Therapy. 


After finishing my studies and my exams in 2015, I received my Approval of the State to practice Psychotherapy in Germany.  Immediately after that I was offered a position in a Counselling Centre in Hannover. There- as well as later in a second Centre- I was able to deepen my knowledge and experiences as a Counsellor in helping clients find a way through their life questions or marriage and family issues.  As a Therapist in both the Counselling Centre as well in my own Practice, I additionally gained valuable experience in the treatments of (among others) Affective- and Anxiety Disorders, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders, Psychosomatic  Disorders as well as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, High Sensitivity and much more. 


As a Behavioral Therapist I work solution-oriented and focus on the underlying views or thoughts of a behavior. My goal is  to assist and help you to practice new behavioral patterns, which make it easier for you to get along with yourself and others. Various Relaxation techniques as well as Attentiveness supplement the sessions and support you in your progress of change.


 It is my deep desire to help people rediscover their horizon- or newly discover it. 

As well it is very important to me to meet people and their distress and worries with dignity and respect, independent from their position in society, origin, religion or world view. 


On May 1st  2017 I opened my Practice in Holzminden, and I am delighted to be able to competently  accompany you on your path.



As a therapist I am under ongoing supervision. The goal here is to evaluate and reassess my methods of treatment and to further learn and optimize them.










I am a member in the Association of Freie Psychotherapeuten, Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie  und Psychologische Berater e.V.