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  • life gets rough and you have trouble getting along with yourself or others,
  • you have difficulties communicating with your partner,
  • you are seriously worried about your family and/or kids,
  • you cannot overcome the loss of a loved one,
  • you feel overburdened and stress or anxiety due to your work, career, studies or the caregiving of a family member,
  • you suffer from symptoms, which are -according to a doctor- not caused organically,
  • you or loved ones loose control due to addictions,
  • you frequently ask for the meaning of life,


....then maybe I am the right address for you, to newly discover your horizon.

What can you expect?

You can set up an appointment by calling me or by writing a short E-Mail, briefly describing your concern. When you have set up an appointment with me, we will meet for a first session in my practice. Sessions usually last for 50 minutes, the first one can take up to 90 minutes.

All sessions are confidential!


Main focus of each counselling or therapy session is the questions and conflicts, which have brought you to me.

You can come to me alone, with your partner, a child or the whole family and freely talk about your life situation. I will listen intently, non-judgmental and with sympathy.


I am willing to take your feelings serious, will address and elaborate on your issues and will search for solutions with you.


Having said that, I will not take the responsibility from you. I do want to help you discover new or so far unused possibilities and help you practice new behavioral patterns, which will make it easier to get along with yourself, your situation and others - in other words: I want to help you to newly discover your horizon! 


Session for Individuals: 50€

Session for Couples or Families: 75€


I offer alternative fees for patients with low income or those on social welfare- please feel free to talk to me about this option.


The fee is cash-payable after each session, and you will receive a bill from me. I also gladly issue an invoice.


Information on the terms and regulations for cancelling or postponing appointments please go to Appointments.





Public Health insurance (AOK, BEK, TKK...) generally will not  reimburse the costs of the sessions. However,  under certain requirements they might partially reimburse the costs.


Private Health insurance (Private Krankenkassen)  will often reimburse the sessions. Please contact your individual health provider BEFORE the first session to find out if and which benefits they cover.


You can also claim the expenses in your (German) Income Tax Return (exceptional costs/außergewöhnliche Belastungen).